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How you can help

Support the Justice for Couriers Campaign!


1. Get to know the issues that couriers face, and what we are fighting for!

What couriers want from foodora is simple and achievable:

  • Respect: respect as workers, including our right to unionize
  • Health and Safety: better protections for our safety and support when we get injured
  • Fair compensation: to be paid fairly for the difficult and sometimes dangerous work that we do


2. Tell Foodora that you support the couriers


3. Show the couriers some love


4. Join the campaign!


5. Spread the word

  • Distribute Justice for Couriers brochures
  • Invite Justice for Couriers to speak at an upcoming event
  • Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper
Download a Support Foodsters window sign grpahic
Download and Print

Show your love for couriers! Download, print and put up a window sign to show your support for Justice for Couriers.