Shopping bag illustration

How you can help


1. Order in food!

Encourage a courier:

Watch for more order-in days coming soon!


2. Tell Foodora to recognize FoodstersUnited!

Once we are successfully certified with the Ontario Labour Board, Foodora will be legally required to enter collective bargaining with us. But voluntary recognition by Foodora would get us what we need faster. Tell (Head of Canadian operations) and (Rider manager) loud and clear: Recognize the union!


3. Show your love for Foodsters United

Write a statement of support, share on social media, help us get the message out there: Justice for Foodora Couriers Now! @FoodstersUnited on Twitter, @UnitedFoodsters on Instagram, and Justice for Foodora Couriers on Facebook.

Download a Support Foodsters window sign grpahic
Download and Print

Show your love for couriers! Download, print and put up a window sign to show your support for Justice for Couriers.