Foodster riding down a street on a bike

Who are Foodsters?

Foodsters are Foodora’s workforce. On bikes, cars, electric scooters, and at least one electric unicycle, we deliver food from restaurants to homes and offices. You may recognize our distinctive pink backpacks. We use an app to accept orders and pick up shifts. We are paid between $4.50-$7.50 an order. We are not paid when we don’t get orders. Foodora is basically our boss, but claims we’re “independent contractors” in order to avoid paying benefits, offering sick days, or offering raises.

Foodster sitting in a car with door open

What’s it like to be a Foodster?

Our work is fast-paced and dangerous. We often have to choose between safety and speed to deliver as many orders as possible just to make ends meet. We work outdoors in wind, in rain, and in -25 with blowing snow. For those of us on bikes, a car door might open at any minute. Cars or bikes could be hit by a careless driver leaving us unable to work. Despite our high injury rates we have no paid sick days and often have to work when injured.

Foodster riding a bike near a building

What are we trying to achieve?

Justice for Foodora Couriers is a drive to unionize Foodora couriers to improve conditions. We are challenging the paradigm of precarious work. Companies like foodora strip labour protections from workers under the guise of “innovation,” by calling us “independent contractors.” But we can work together to assert our rights. United, we can win fair pay for our dangerous work, the ability to recover when sick or injured, and a respectful workplace free from harassment and intimidation.

What couriers want from foodora is simple and achievable:

  • Respect: respect as workers, including our right to unionize
  • Health and Safety: better protections for our safety and support when we get injured
  • Fair compensation: to be paid fairly for the difficult and sometimes dangerous work that we do
Close up of a Foodster worker carrying a bike

How you can help

  1. Get to know the issues that couriers face, and what we are fighting for! Couriers want respect; health and safety; fair pay from Foodora.
  2. Tell Foodora that you support the couriers at, tweet using #justice4couriers and #FoodstersUnited
  3. Show your love for couriers, participate in our Order-In Days, and put up a window sign to show your support for Justice for Couriers. Click here to download a window sign
  4. Join the campaign!
  5. Spread the word! Distribute Justice for Couriers brochures, Invite Justice for Couriers to speak at an upcoming event, or write a letter to the editor of a newspaper